EMS Agency Licensure

EMS Agency Licensure

Please contact Jim Urban at the Council office for specific information

Act 37 of 2009 require that all EMS agencies – QRS, Ambulance, Advanced Life Support Squad, Basic Life Support Squad, Special Operations EMS Service, other vehicle or service which provides emergency medical services outside of a health care facility – obtain a licence from the PA Department of Health prior to engaging in that business or service.  This is new for the QRS agencies, who up until now have been recognized.  ALL EMS agencies use the same on-line application which can be accessed through the EMS portal.  A link is provided below.

EMS Portal

If you are currently licensed, please do not start a new license application without checking with the Regional Council first!!!  When in doubt, verify with the Region.

Part of the licensure process is an on-site inspection.  This inspection is to verify requirements are met concerning facilities, paperwork, vehicles, and equipment.  A listing of equipment/supplies currently required for all levels of agency license is provided below:

Required EMS Equipment/Supplies

There are minimum required documents/policies that licensed EMS agencies must have posted and/or available for inspection during the licensure process.  These documents are outlined within Section 1027.3 of the EMS System Rules & Regulations.  A sample EMS Medical Director Agreement is below:

Sample – Medical Director Agreement